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Our Team

Here we introduce you to some of the teachers and support staff at Tui Early Learners so that when you visit us you will know something of our histories.

Bridget is Head Teacher for the Fledglings centre (3-4 year olds) in Napier Rd. Bridget leads a team of 7 teachers.

Rebecca is Head Teacher for the Nestlings centre (0-2 year olds) in Napier Rd. Rebecca leads a team of 8 teachers.

Lisa is Head Teacher for the Threes and Up centre in Hokowhitu. Lisa leads a team of 7 with the 3 and 4 year olds.

Kylie is Head Teacher of the Twos and Tots centre in Hokowhitu. Kylie leads a team of 10 working with children from 0 to 2 years.

Robert is the Head Teacher of the Young Investigators centre in Terrace End.  Robert leads a team of 4 working with children from 2 years old until they start school.

Jane is our Educational Leader with overall responsibility for supporting all our teachers with their professional development, teacher registration and for liaising closely with management.

Larissa is the Centre Manager at the three Albert St centres (and part owner of Young Investigators) and our information technology wizz having worked for Microsoft before coming home to the Manawatu. She knows everything you need to know about fees, WINZ subsidies, the 20 hours ece, changing your child's days or hours of attendance or enrolments.

Linda is the Admin Manager at Napier Rd and works 3 days a week - Mon/Wed/Fri 8.30am - 4.30pm. On her days off she is working hard on the farm she owns in Apiti.

Deborah is the Managing Director, Licensee and Owner of the two Napier Road centres and the two centres at 322 Albert St. She has a secondary aged child and one at University. Deborah's focus is on customer service and satisfaction which is enhanced by her skills in administrative practice. 

Suzanne is the founder of Tui, which started in Feilding in 1992. She qualified as a Playcentre Supervisor last century, gained a Higher Diploma of Teaching, ECE and topped it all off with a Bachelor of Education in 2003. Suzanne is the mother of Deborah and Larissa, and the three husbands are really useful for digging holes, building new things, repairing equipment, and the like!

Tui Early Learners is a family owned and operated group of centres. 

Policies And Practices

We have a wide range of policies and practices written, from healthy eating to emergency evacuation, from hazard identification to nappy changing!  If you wish to view specific policies when you make an enrolment enquiry, please ask Deborah or Larissa to email them to you. You may be especially interested in our policies or practices on:

excursions; food and drink; positive behaviour management; sun safe; transitions between age groups or centres; sickness exclusions