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Nestlings @ 68 Napier Rd

Nestlings is our centre for babies and two year olds. Converted from a family house, Nestlings has a lovely feeling of being at home for our little ones. We nurture and teach up to 15 babies and 18 two year olds, with ratio's of 1:3 for under twos and 1:6 for the twos.You will find Nestlings down the drive, where it is quiet and safe.  We have plenty of parking, except for those 15 minutes or so when school is starting or ending for the day, so plan your visit for outside these times!

We are open from 7am to 6pm  if we have children booked in for those early or late hours.  You are welcome to visit at any time, although a phone call first (353 8590) will assure you that we have a teacher or the Centre Manager available to show you and your child what we have to offer.

The 9 teachers who work at Nestlings place a very high value on building relationships with parents and families. For us it is so important that you feel comfortable talking over any issues with the teachers whether this is how your child's day has been, to asking advice about toileting, or celebrating an achievement from the weekend.

For the 2 year olds, everything they encounter in their day is a learning experience, from parting with a parent, to socialising with peers, to succeeding in making sandcastles or putting together jigsaws. The needs of the children determine what happens in the programme, on a daily, weekly or longer term basis. The role of the teachers is to identify how to support children’s learning – planning environments and encouraging relationships based on what has been observed of a child’s strengths, interests and needs.

Our babies have their own inside space, and share the very large playground.  Our ratio of 5 teachers for 15 babies means that we always have time to cuddle, to talk, to have peaceful routines of nappy changing, having a bottle or quietly going off to sleep.  We believe that babies' and toddlers' brains are absorbing information at an amazing rate and we see that with changes almost every week in what our incredible babies have learned.  No wonder the baby teachers feel so special!

We have a spacious centre both inside and out.  Plenty of room for jumping, learning in small groups, socialising at the eating tables, digging trenches in the sandpit, riding bikes down ramps, having quiet time with a teacher, reading through the learning stories in a child's portfolio, ...............

Follow this link for a guide on what quality education and care looks like for infants and toddlers:

Phone 353 8590