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My twin babies have been attending “Nestlings” at Tui Early Learning Centre on Napier road for the past eight months now. They became part of the Tui whānau when they were just six months old and now they are thriving 14 month old toddlers.
I visited numerous centres within the Palmerston North district throughout my search for someone to provide suitable daily care for my babies. I chose Tui Early Learning Centre over all other daycare facilities, both home-based and centre-based, throughout the entire region.
I have found Tui Early Learning Centre to be a fantastic environment for my babies. The Napier road centre is extremely well equiped with a wide range of indoor and outdoor resources for children to learn, grow and explore. There is a real sense of appreciation for the natural environment within the centre which gives it a wonderful feel. Many of the resources available for the children are creatively produced from materials found in the natural environment and are not manufactured from synthetic materials, which is absolutely fantastic.
The staff at Tui Early Learning Centre on Napier road are of the highest quality and provide care for my babies that is second to none. They are all very warm natured and are devoted, loving carers of my babies, and all the children within the centre. I particularly enjoy the learning stories the staff regularly post to the Educa website. These stories are always very interesting to read as they provide a detailed description of the activities my babies have been participating in, along with the learnings attached to each activity.
I thoroughly enjoy the loving whānau environment at Tui Early Learning Centre. Because of the caring and gentle nature of all the staff, my babies feel very comfortable attending the centre and are always filled with smiles and laughter when we arrive. I would highly recommend Tui Early Learning Centre on Napier road to anyone who requires day time care for their children. It is an absolutely fantastic place with absolutely fantastic staff.
Adele Berquist
Our son Ned started Tui when he was one year old.  Staff at the centre were incredibly welcoming, accommodating and interested in Ned right from the get go.  It really felt like he was the only child in the centre!  But I'm sure all the parents feel the same way about their own children as that is what Tui inspires.
Almost everyday when Ned was picked up, there was a story from a teacher about what he had been up to that day, a new skill or something funny he had said or done.  And we always loved reading the learning stories that were posted regularly for us and the extended family to read online. 
One of the things I think is a strength at Tui is that the teachers pay such great attention to each child's individual development and then provide experiences to help the children extend their new skills and interests.  Ned went through  phases of being very interested in baking, then biking, dressing up in bright colours, anatomy and more.  He would express interest and then sure enough he was provided with a big bike, muffin making, sparkling skirts and nail polish and books about skeletons.
Another thing we really liked about Tui was the very broad and open minded approach to education.  It always felt like a wide range of cultural and social beliefs and norms were considered and no one world view was pushed, but all encouraged.  This was very important to our family.
Phil and I are incredibly grateful to Tui and all the wonderful staff for giving him such a nurturing and caring environment in what we consider to have been the most important years of his life. 
We do tend to rave on a bit about Tui to people in Palmerston North looking for child care and obviously highly recommend it as a great place to take their children.  We have moved to another town now and Tui has set the bar very high for us in our search for a new Centre!
Nicky Hart & Phil Suisted

 Loving the smiles I get when I pick my daughter up from Tui and the kind and warm greetings from all the teachers when I drop off and collect her. I am also enjoying the stories of what she gets up to each day and very happy that she is enjoying her time at Tui. I am happy that she is attending Tui, so thank you to you and all the teachers.

Tui Early Learners is the perfect fit for my daughter and our family.
She started with Nestlings at 3 months old, after a hard search for a centre that we felt totally comfortable with. Over the past 2 years she has blossomed into a thriving, confident, capable and independent little girl, who wakes up wanting to go to Nestlings every day.
She is nurtured, educated and challenged in a safe environment where she has so many opportunities to play, grow and develop at her own pace.
The teachers at Nestlings are absolutely fantastic. The time and effort they all put in to planning and implementing different learning opportunities for all of the children is clearly evident and the care, support and love they all show makes the family environment all the more stronger.
Choosing Nestlings for my daughter was definitely the best choice we could have made for her and her education.

From the moment I visited Tui I knew this was the place for us. The teachers made me feel so comfortable and I had no doubt in my mind that Paige would be OK there. On her first day, I got up to leave and she just looked at me to say 'hurry up Mum, go away'. Now when I go to pick her up she runs away from me because she doesn't want to leave, it's like her second home.

Hi Deborah -
Warren and I want to pass on our heartfelt THANKS - to you and all of the Tui staff. 
We have been delighted with our grandson Finn Calder's progress. During the four years that he has been a regular at "my Tui," as he calls it, we've seen him grow from a small baby to a confident and capable five year old. Your amazing teachers have not only cared for Finn, but have also encouraged, guided and inspired him. We have nothing but praise for their energy and dedication.
Along the way, we have thoroughly enjoyed the regular Educa updates and learning stories. The photographic record(s) and descriptions of Finn and the other children's activities have helped us share in Finn's adventures and appreciate his development. As proud Nana and Grandad, we have also printed most of them out as well.
Both of us whole-heartedly recommend Tui Early Learners at Napier Road. We are more than happy to answer questions from anybody who is considering enrolling their little one(s) there.
Thank you for everything. Please pass on our gratitude. You have all had a huge impact on Finn, his mum, and us.
Liz and Warren Nicholls