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Teaching Team

    Kathryn Keyte - Head Teacher    BEd Teaching, Dip ECE 
I joined Tui in 2012. I have a background in both early childhood and primary teaching. I bring an educationalist, mother's and nana's perspective to my teaching and relationships with children. I believe strongly that positive, supportive relationships are at the heart of learning and that children learn best when there is a collaboration between teacher, whanau and child.
    Sharon Kilmister - Timatanga Team Leader - Under Two's 
I began at Tui Napier Rd when it opened in May, 2007 and have a Diploma of Teaching, ECE. My own childhood allowed me to experience the wonders of nature through every day life on the farm. I was fortunate enough to be able to provide these same experiences for my children and it is an area of my practice that I like to promote and share with the children here at Tui Nestlings.
    Rebecca Warnock - Qualified Teacher - Under Two's
I have a Bachelor of Teaching in early childhood education and I am a fully registered teacher. I joined Tui Early Learners in 2011, began studying through New Zealand Tertiary College and quickly found my place and passion for teaching, becaming a full time teacher at Nestlings in 2012. I have lived in Palmerston North my whole life and am currently saving up to buy my first home. Developing relationships that foster and support infant and toddler’s ongoing learning and development is the most special and important part of my job and I feel privileged to be a part of so many children's learning journey. 
    Alisha Erskine - Qualified Teacher - Two's 
I have a Diploma in Teaching, ECE and am currently completing my teacher registration. I have been a member of the Tui whanau since 2012 when I began relieving across all 5 Tui centres. Since then I found a permanent place here at Tui Nestlings with the two year olds. I love learning alongside the tamariki and sharing in the early years of their life long learning journey.
    Sam Payne - Qualified Teacher - Two's
 I completed my Bachelor of Teaching in Early Childhood Education at the end of 2017 and am now beginning my teacher registration. Before I began my training in ECE I lived in the UK, exploring Europe for three years after high school. While there I began working with children and found my passion. I came home to New Zealand to begin my teacher journey and fortuntely found Tui Early Learners in 2014. I have grown so much as a teacher and love working alongside children and being part of their learning journey.
    Sam Manville - Teacher in Training
I am currently in my third year studying towards a Bachelor of Teaching, ECE and joined the Tui whanau in 2015. I live in Mangatainoka with my fiancee Daniel and daughter Isla on a dairy farm.I have previously worked alongside children with challenges. I thoroughly enjoy group interactions and creating experiences to foster the interests of children such as baking and music. I feel so lucky to be working alongside a team of vibrant and passionate teachers.
    Saihinnar Yunus - Under Two's
I began as a reliever in all the Tui Childcare centres in 2012, then becoming a permanent member of staff at Nestlings towards the end of that year. I particularly enjoy working with babies along with my colleagues, contributing to their well being through nurture and care while on their learning journey at Tui.