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My two girls were both at Tui Early Learners from the age of 6 months (until 2 and 4.5 years old).  We were very happy with their care while at Tui and were very sad about them leaving when we moved away from Palmerston North.
When I first visited Tui while looking for a daycare for my first daughter I was immediately impressed by the spacious friendly home-like environment and the groups of kids cheerfully and contentedly engaged with a range of fun activities. I also like the fact that they had animals (fish, frogs, bird, guinea pigs) and extensive interesting natural outdoor areas.
I found the teachers in the babies’ area all to be kind, caring and calm – this was very important to me since my daughters started quite young (6 months). Indeed I treasure the relationship that both my daughters had with their main carer in the baby room (Maryon). They may not remember her but I remember the personal love and care she gave my babies when they were tiny – she really appreciated them for who they were as little people. The babies’ area is separate from but connected to the area of 2 year-olds - with its own covered deck and grassed area. When aged 1-2 years my daughter loved riding the bikes up and down the ramps. The teachers encourage lots of adventurous outdoor play; water, goop/slime, jumping, slides, climbing and riding and lots of sensory exploration. They were also very accomodating of my brief fling with cloth nappies.
The centre and the teachers worked very hard to make the girl’s transition to the Two’s side as easy as possible. On the Two’s side the teachers do a fabulous job of encouraging more independence and social interaction skills. They played a huge role in making toilet training low stress for all of us.
This focus on independence and self-management continued for my older daughter in the 3 and 4’s area where they very gently encouraged my quite anxious kid to begin to do lots of things for herself. They also were great at taking a child’s own interest and running with it to help the children explore the world around them. I also thought the outdoor area for the 3s and 4s is awesome.
The centre management is very flexible and accommodating with respect to hours booked and late pick-ups. I had a job that didn't always finish on time and as long as the centre was informed they were very understanding if I was late picking the children up. I am only now realising how rare this is in daycare centres.
The teachers were all so friendly and welcomed us into the Tui family. They really made us feel like they appreciated our children's special qualities and strengths. I have only positive things to say about our time as part of the Tui family and would like to thank Larissa and her team for being such a great part of our lives.
Sarah Fowler

I have found Penny's experience to be amazing and I would highly recommend Tui to any other parents. The staff are fantastic and are always friendly and helpful. Penny has taken such a shine to all the ladies (especially Lisa) and it is always lovely to hear all the cool things they do each day. We will be very very sad on her last day.

Amy Raos

I have to say that we are LOVING Tui day-care!! It is the best place we could have possibly found and I know that Tyler is thriving being there! He has had so many new experiences and he absolutely loves the teachers!!!!
Thank you for everything Tui has done so far for our little man.
Kind regards